November 3, 2021 | Articles

Milwaukee Palm Router available at Siwek Lumber in Jordan, MN
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Do-it-Yourself, or DIY, projects are continuing to grow in popularity. From wallpapering a bathroom to adding an addition on to your home, some projects are relatively straight-forward and easily DIY-ed, while others require a bit more expertise to be done safely and correctly. If you’re making upgrades to sell your home, cosmetic repairs are best, along with alterations that can help add to your bottom-line after-sale profits. Siwek Lumber & Millwork should be your go-to for larger-scale projects that can help increase your home’s value, such as adding a deck. Here are other suggestions for you to consider.

It’s All About The Curb Appeal

When it comes to prepping your home for sale, prospective buyers typically look for a well maintained house that’s move-in ready. Keeping this in mind, This Old House says you may be able to handle a number of inexpensive DIY projects on your own. For example, re-grouting tile in a bathroom can create a fresh, clean look, while a coat of paint on kitchen cabinets can give the space a dramatic new look and feel. Changing out fixtures, updating window coverings, steam cleaning tile and carpet, and making minor repairs can all make a house feel like it’s in pristine condition.

Moderate DIY Indoor Upgrades

If you want to go the extra mile, you might consider replacing flooring, installing energy-efficient windows, painting your living spaces, or adding wainscoting or crown molding in main areas for a custom look. If you’re a handy person, Good Housekeeping says you might be comfortable handling these mid-range projects on your own, or with the help of online tutorials or demonstrations in home improvement centers. You may even be able to rent equipment rather than buy it, which can help you save money.

Serious Indoor Projects

If you want to get into construction-level projects, you’re best served hiring a contractor. For example, replacing a sliding glass door with French doors, rewiring the garage, or knocking down a wall to expand a space are typically projects you want an expert to handle. In fact, if you tackle a huge project on your own and it isn’t done according to code, you could end up paying even more to have someone make repairs after the fact. This can definitely impact your house-selling plans, as well as potentially leave you footing a big bill.

Assessing Outdoor Upgrades

Even minor changes to outdoor spaces can make a home look welcoming. For example, you could install landscape lighting, plant new flowers or shrubs, or hang a porch swing. If you want to go bigger, say, adding a deck, pouring a concrete pad, or re-siding the house, you should reach out to a professional. Some of these larger projects typically require building permits and inspections, and they can be expensive and even dangerous if you aren’t completely sure what you’re doing.

Finding The Right Help

When you’re making home improvements to sell your house, give careful thought to how much you invest. You might not always see a return in the sales price. When it comes to hiring a contractor, look for a company or individual who is licensed, bonded, and insured, and get several different estimates in writing before hiring someone. Also inquire about a timeline – you don’t want to hire someone to do a two-month project when you intend to list the house in two weeks.

Many home improvements – especially cosmetic ones – can be done in short order, for a low cost, with little or no expertise. When you get into larger-scale projects that require specialized knowledge, tools and materials, it’s usually a better bet to farm out the work. 

If you’re in the Jordan, MN area and are in the market for high-quality tools, equipment and materials, or expert help, contact Siwek Lumber & Millwork.