VELUX is a market leader in the manufacturing of skylights and roof windows. With over sixty years of history, they strive to lead the development of better living environments by adding daylight and fresh air through windows on roofs. VELUX cares deeply about the quality of their products, devoting time and resources to testing, quality control and marketing testing. They are consistently testing to ensure that every product meets their quality requirements, and want their customers to expect the best of the best.

Along with their products, daylight is their main passion. They want people to focus on daylight factors in buildings. Their goal is to make the best possible daylight conditions while consumers are indoors. Roof windows provide more daylight than any other type of window, which is why they are passionate about roof windows. Consumers can enjoy roof windows in their homes in any room regardless if the ceiling is flat or vaulted. Skylights can be solar powered, electric or manual for you to open and close. Each skylight is created with three layers of protection so that it will not leak. With custom blinds, you can block the skylight during appropriate times. VELUX also designs commercial skylights to provide you with optimal light distribution while enhancing the building’s architectural designs.