Tamko has worked for over 70 years to create a beautiful variety of roofing options. They have a wide selection of materials, cuts and colors that work well with any home. Tamko also offers commercial roofing that will work for any kind of construction project. They originally specialized in asphalt shingles, but they have moved into specializing in fiberglass and metal shingles.

Many of Tamko’s lines of roofing products closely imitate much more expensive products. There are asphalt shingles that look almost exactly like wood shakes and metal products that emulate slate shingles. However, Tamko’s shingles are at a fraction of the price of these materials.

Tamko is also dedicated to energy efficiency. Many of their roofing products have received ENERGY stars. This will reduce home cooling costs while still making your home look beautiful.

Talk to the experts at Siwek Lumber in Jordan to see what kind of roofing will be the best for your project. Tamko offers many high quality items at great prices. We have worked with many contractors and homeowners to help them find the right kind of roofing for their projects. Come take a look at how Tamko Roofing can help.