Lumber Company Overview

Potlatch Corporation is a verified leader in sustainable forestry. They grow trees, sell timber and manufacture solid wood products from their certified 1.6 million acres of forest. Third-party certification from forest management provides them with credible verification, ensuring that their practices meet a set of certain values, and allowing them to continually improve their practices. As a leader in forestry stewardship and sustainability, they manage their own timber resources with the forests and communities in mind.

Sustainable Lumber Products

They follow the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council standards, meaning that they protect the air, soil, water and wildlife of their forests. Their professional loggers practice sustainable harvesting methods to regenerate every acre of land right after harvest. Builders and consumers have come to rely on Potlatch’s products. Each product is made with strength, integrity and an eye-pleasing appearance. They are made for a variety of industrial markets and are made to the exact specifications for end uses. Potlatch products meet and exceed expectations for both residential and commercial construction.

Types of Products: