Siwek Lumber in Jordan is pleased to provide our customers with high quality building materials and industrial supplies, including several types of lumber. If you are a contractor, home builder or remodeler, we guarantee that you will find the best materials for your next project as we supply a wide variety of lumber, including Parallam.

What Is Parallam Wood?

Parallam can be made from many species of wood. The majority of the wood chosen range from hemlock, pine, Douglas fir and yellow-poplar. This type of lumber has more strength than other types of wood due to knots that are found throughout the wood.

Parallel strand lumber (PSL) describes long strands of engineered lumber that is formed together to create durability and strength. Because it supports heavy loads, it is used for beams, columns, headers and much more.

Benefits of Parallam Wood:

  • Strength/durability, reliability and beauty
  • Design options with beautiful wide open floor plans
  • Can be stained or finished for the classic and sophisticated look you want
  • Generally treated to withstand extreme weather and climates

Home builders and general contractors prefer using Parallam beams because they are stiff, strong and straight, which provide an ideal beam. It can also be nailed or drilled and cut with circular saws.

With over 100 years in the industry, we understand what builders need. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and superior building supplies and materials. If you’re interested in learning more about the types of lumber we supply, please contact one of the experts at Siwek Lumber in Jordan today!