Lumber Company Overview

Norbord is an international producer of wood-based panels, manufacturing in the United States, Europe and Canada. They are committed to protecting their employees, the environment and the community. They comply with all environmental, health and safety regulations to reduce their impact on the environment and promote a safe and healthy working environment. They are committed to the practice of sustainable forestry, and work hard with wood suppliers to improve the integrity of harvesting. With their own wood procurement policy, they interact with forest landowners, wood producers and forestry professionals to follow sustainable practices. Norbord understands that wood is a valuable and limited resource, which is why they take a sustainable stance on forestry.

Lumber Known for its Quality

Norbord manufactures products that you can stand behind. Their products are used in the construction, DIY and furniture sectors. All their brands are well known in the construction industry and are commonly used by architects and house builders.

North American Lumber Products