Lumber Company Overview

Hampton’s motto that guides them in every part of their business practices is: “Find a better way, every day”. This is evident in their quality lumber, sustainability standards, and safety regulations. Based in Oregon, they work in accordance with the Oregon Forest Practices act, an act that was passed to protect forests and the fish population. They have made a large effort to replant trees throughout the northwestern US and western Canada. This includes planting millions of seedlings throughout these forests.

Sustainable Lumber

Another part of their sustainability standards is their wood use. They use every part of the log. Any particle that is not used for their lumber is sold as pulp or wood chips. Anything that they cannot sell they use to produce energy for their plants. Their timber is harvested from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Their Oregon and Washington mills produce Douglas Fir and Hem-fir lumber and their British Columbia plants produce SPF Lumber.

Our Commitment to Quality Lumber

Siwek Lumber in Jordan has been dedicated to providing quality lumber throughout the Midwest for over 100 years. We know lumber better than anyone else. Our experts have worked with homeowners and contractors to make sure that they had the best wood for their projects. Come into your local Siwek Lumber in Jordan and see our great selection of Hampton Lumber.