At Siwek Lumber in Jordan, we only provide our customers with brands of products that are built to last. Duo-Fast is one of those brands. Duo-Fast’s line of tools is engineered specifically for people like you that want to get the job done in the best way possible. In 1947, Duo-Fast worked with a major auto company to develop the world’s first air-powered stapling tool. This invention helped eliminate a large amount of production time in the auto industry, and currently in the building industry. As you can see, we are very proud to carry Duo-Fast’s great line of manual and air-powered staplers, nailers and corrugators.

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Duo-Fast has become a leader in professional fasteners and high-productivity tools. These tools are used in a wide variety of projects, but are especially used on construction sites, remodeling jobs and in furniture shops. If you are looking for high-quality tools to use on your next project, Duo-Fast will not disappoint. At Siwek Lumber in Jordan, we trust experience and carefully select the brands we carry. Visit one of our 33 Siwek Lumber in Jordan locations to take a look at our selection of Duo-Fast tools and get your project started today.