Lumber Company Overview

Dunkley is so much more than a lumber company. They keep themselves to a higher standard. Dunkley provides quality lumber through its dedication to family values. They do this through two standards: safety and sustainability. They treat their employees with respect and they hold them to high safety standards so that they can return happily to their families. Dunkley also believes in economic and environmental harvesting so that the land can be used for their family’s generations to come.

SPF Dimensional Lumber

Because these two standards are their top priorities, they have been able to provide some of the highest quality SPF dimensional lumber that is on the market. Their lumber is an excellent option for any construction project. Their mills produce dimensional lumber in many different sizes. If you are looking specifically for Douglas fir, Dunkley has a many different Douglas Fir products that are great for any project.

Our Lumber Selection

Siwek Lumber in Jordan is proud to offer lumber from a company such as Dunkley that has the same family values as Siwek Lumber in Jordan. We have been offering high quality lumber throughout the Midwest for over 100 years. We have grown from one lumber yard to our many locations because of our commitment to providing excellent lumber products like Dunkley. If you are looking for Dunkley lumber, come into Siwek Lumber in Jordan to see what we have to offer.