Lumber Company Overview

Babine Forest Products is owned by Hampton Affiliates. Hampton Affiliates has been producing high-quality wood building materials since 1942. It owns and operates eight mills located in British Columbia, Canada, Oregon and Washington. The Babine Mill is located in Burns Lake, British Columbia and produces a wide selection of products from studs, j grade, export grades and framing lumber in a variety of different dimensions from 2×4 to 2×10 and 8 feet to 20 feet. Annually, Hampton Affiliates produces more than 2 billion board feet, making them one of the largest lumber manufacturers in the export, industrial, retail and distributor markets. Siwek Lumber in Jordan is a distributor of Babine products and we are glad to provide our customers with quality wood products.

Sustainable Lumber

Hampton Affiliates, including Babine, carries a wide range of wood products that are sold by the unit, container, railcar or truck. They are committed to the sustainable foresting and milling of trees and ensure that all of their practices are environmentally friendly. They take extra measures to save water, eliminate waste and research new ways to manufacture higher quality products while minimizing their carbon footprint. They produce high quality lumber while being conscious of sustainable practices. Virtually all parts of the log are utilized to produce lumber. What isn’t used is repurposed as pulp or chips which are used to generate energy in the plants.

Full List of Lumber Products

Hampton Affiliates and Babine Forest Products offer a complete line of wood products including the following:

  • Dimensional Lumber
  • Panel Products
  • Clears and Industrial Lumber
  • Stud Lumber

For more information about what types of Babine products will work best for your project, stop by Siwek Lumber in Jordan today. Our professionals are eager to help.