Lumber Company Overview

Ainsworth has been a leader in the engineered wood products industry since 1952. Homeowners, builders, dealers and manufacturers trust Ainsworth Engineered for superior quality and valuable products. Currently, Ainsworth has over 850 employees operating in four facilities across Canada. Ainsworth offers a variety of green products and all products are forested and milled in compliance with Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards for sustainability.

Lumber Products

Ainsworth has quality products used for floors, stairs, walls and roofs:

  • Flooring: Ainsworth has sturdy engineered floors for both residential and commercial applications.
    • Pointsix Durastrand Flooring: is a solid, durable flooring solution that eliminates the need for sanding.
    • Pointsix Flooring: is a great product for builders who want to turn a profit on their products. It is easy to install and it requires no sanding.
    • Durastrand Rimboard: is a strong and stable flooring solution that can be used as a rimboard. It is sustainably sourced and cost-competitive.
    • Rim Board / Rim Board Plus: is an economic alternative for an engineered flooring system and it is designed for high-performance.
  • Stairs: A well-built stair is what everyone desires. Ainsworth offers stable, solid stair systems that you can have confidence in.
    • Steaditred Stair Tread Panels: Steaditred offers a sturdy and moisture tolerant stair system that eliminates warping. They are available in popular lengths and widths and customized measurements.
    • Risers: are important elements of a well-designed stair system. Ainsworth risers enable you to build stairs onsite or have them delivered pre-assembled.
  • Walls and Roofs: Ainsworth offers high-quality wall and roof sheathing products that ensure fewer rejects, less waste and superior fit.
    • Performance Rated Structural Sheathing: is used in roof, wall and flooring systems.
    • Struc-1: offers a stronger solution for applications that may be subjected to earthquakes or severe weather conditions.
    • Structural Insulated Panels: are energy-efficient panels that offer moisture-resistance and high performance.

Additional Lumber Product Information

For more information regarding why Ainsworth Engineered products are superior, visit us at Siwek Lumber in Jordan. Our experienced professionals will help you select the best engineered wood products for your next project.